After a bit of self debate, I’ve decided to set up a blog space here to catalog my many thoughts about bras. (It’s my first ever blog, so it’s a bit nerve wracking, haha!) I’ll be linking to bra fitting guides I like, as well as posting some reviews and such trying to find my own perfect fit.

I don’t remember too much about bra fit from when I was younger, except that I hated it! I’m not sure if I’ve ever had a properly fitted one when growing up because I remember lots of discomfort and self consciousness. I do recall that most/all bras I had were far, far too loose in the band. They rode up in the back pretty badly, which I mistakenly thought meant they were too tight! I got no support and felt really terrible about my breasts and the shape I was(n’t) getting. I ended up just wearing sports bras… Lots and lots of ’em. Supportive sports bras are great but if it’s essentially a cropped tank top, especially on a bigger bust, you might not feel too happy. Sometime after that (maybe just out of high school), I started wearing 38Ds. Most of these caused the same general lack of support (although some of them DID give lots of cleavage..), I had quadboobing everywhere. I actually pushed my breasts into the far sides of the cups and wore a lot of undershirts, so as to try and prevent overspill in the front. Not sure why I never at least went for a 38DD, I think a combination of not being able to find them easily and not wanting to accept being a larger cup size. Overspill/quadboobing and lack of support weren’t the only problems, however. I would get terrible, terrible back pains that I always just blamed on working too much or too long (it took about 3 hours for the pain to kick in). I’d come home so sore I didn’t wanna move at all, and my posture was (and still is) pretty horrendous. Most of the time I didn’t even realize how hunched over I was, but it put more strain on my shoulders/back and made me look larger. In addition to that, I also suffered shortness of breath or feeling lightheaded/foggy. Very often this came about even from just light walking around or sitting on the bus. I always attributed it to being out of shape (which I’m sure is part of it!) but recently, I’ve come to realize this was also another problem resulting from very poorly fitted bras.

I’ve only just very recently (in the past month or so) began my quest for a well fitting bra, so some of these changes will take a bit of time, especially as I am still learning! However, being in my new bra size I feel so much better – the bands are tighter and yet I actually have space to breathe! My posture is already straightening out, and already I feel neck/back/shoulder pains and headaches much, much less frequently.

Currently my best fitting bras are as follows…
1. 32G Freya Deco, black
2. 32GG Panache Harmony, chocolate
(Taking sister sizing into account, between these and the bras I was stuffed into before the difference is an entire 4 band sizes and three cup sizes!)

Thank you for stopping by, and feel free to share your own thoughts!


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